.@Metrolink ridership has dropped significantly

Metrolink is reporting ridership is down.  In spite of moving Metrolink headquarters into the Downtown Los Angeles offices of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) it hasn’t translated into increasing ridership.  For either agency. A sure sign ridership is down on public transportation is when the rates increase.  LACMTA announced rates are increasingContinue reading “.@Metrolink ridership has dropped significantly”

The City of Los Angeles continues to miss the mark on carsharing

Back when this websites owner started her Los Angeles based carshare program, LAXCarshare, she engaged the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood and transportation leader, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority (LACMTA) about starting their own carshare, utilizing their own resources.  Landscape activist, Glen Dake, posed this question on twitter today “Does Eric Garcetti have aContinue reading “The City of Los Angeles continues to miss the mark on carsharing”