.@Metrolink ridership has dropped significantly

Metrolink is reporting ridership is down.  In spite of moving Metrolink headquarters into the Downtown Los Angeles offices of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) it hasn’t translated into increasing ridership.  For either agency. A sure sign ridership is down on public transportation is when the rates increase.  LACMTA announced rates are increasingContinue reading “.@Metrolink ridership has dropped significantly”

.@Uber @Lyft @Sidecar are jeopardizing your safety thanks to Ca Lawmakers

Carshare operators are requried to perform DMV driving checks on ALL prospective members, prior to being sold a commercial auto policy, to run their business. Carshare operators are not mandated to have drivers submit to Department of Justice background checks since the insurance excludes them from running a service of picking people up in theirContinue reading “.@Uber @Lyft @Sidecar are jeopardizing your safety thanks to Ca Lawmakers”

Unlike .@Uber @ToroRide can pick you up from LAX Airport

Spice Girl Mel B. has ventured into the app based transportation business, cofounding ToroRide, a black car service to rival Uber, perhaps.  Los Angeles is the only market they are in at the moment and appears to be a service for the elite, while Uber is available nationwide.