Emails may show conflict of interest over #MadeInAmericaFest

Oh Mayor Eric Garshady…we mean Garcetti…you can’t seem to escape scrutiny over your decision to hold the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Grand Park this coming Labor Day Weekend.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino is a connected Democratic donor and his city lobbyist Joshua Perttula, was on Garcetti’s transitionContinue reading “Emails may show conflict of interest over #MadeInAmericaFest”

The Tech Future of #LosAngeles with .@DNASturges

Dan Sturges is a transportation visionary, designer, teacher and entrepreneur.  If you are in the transportation industry, chances are you are familiar with him.  If not, let me put you up on game.

Bicycle Friendly Business Program Expands Citywide

LOS ANGELES (August 12, 2014) – LADOT is happy to announce the next step in Los Angeles becoming a more bicycle friendly destination: LADOT’s Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) Program!  The BFB Program is a citywide opt-in program that encourages businesses to embrace bicycle friendly practices in order to attract more local trips by walking andContinue reading “Bicycle Friendly Business Program Expands Citywide”

Has Chief Beck Become a Detriment and Liability to the LAPD?

Concerns about nepotism, favoritism, and the unfair treatment of some employees have been a silent topic of discussion among LAPD employees of all ranks ever since Chief Charlie Beck was appointed in 2009. Those silent discussions were elevated to a collective cry for help by LAPD officers over the past two weeks. The fear however,Continue reading “Has Chief Beck Become a Detriment and Liability to the LAPD?”