LACMTA responds to minority hiring mandate issue

We previously posed the question “Will African-American vendors work this latest Metro project” in response to the LACMTA board approving a $1.6 billion dollar contract to extend the Purple Line.  There have been reports in the Los Angeles Wave that black contractors are not receiving the opportunity to work on any of the three projects MetroContinue reading “LACMTA responds to minority hiring mandate issue”

LACMTA attempts compromise wtih Los Angeles World Airports

Residents in Los Angeles are fuming over the failure of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) to build a rail line that reaches LAX Airport (LAWA).  Construction has begun for the new Crenshaw/LAX line that doesn’t quite reach LAX.  As LACMTA continues to look for solutions, and citing the high cost of tunneling toContinue reading “LACMTA attempts compromise wtih Los Angeles World Airports”