Caltrans is looking for 5,000 volunteers to take the California Road Charge challenge

By Steve Scauzillo, San Gabriel Valley Tribune Desperate to grow funds for fixing crumbling roads, Caltrans has begun the first pilot study in the state that would assess motorists by the number of miles driven instead of them paying gasoline taxes at the pump.

Detroit DOT sat on federal funding to assist low-income residents

James Robinson made national news for his walking nearly 40 miles to work every day in the gritty city of Detroit.  Strangers setup a fundraising account that amassed nearly $200,000 for him to buy a car.  Robinson said he doesn’t make enough to afford a car.  Being a seasoned alternative transportation professional, I am awareContinue reading “Detroit DOT sat on federal funding to assist low-income residents”

The Tech Future of #LosAngeles with .@DNASturges

Dan Sturges is a transportation visionary, designer, teacher and entrepreneur.  If you are in the transportation industry, chances are you are familiar with him.  If not, let me put you up on game.

Budweiser #MadeInAmericaFest is Next Weekend

Budweiser Made In America Fest is coming to Grand Park, in Downtown Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend, with proceeds benefiting the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Skid Row Housing and LA Street Car, to name a few. The Budweiser Made in America fest will be a two-day event, August 30 and 31, and willContinue reading “Budweiser #MadeInAmericaFest is Next Weekend”

LACMTA responds to minority hiring mandate issue

We previously posed the question “Will African-American vendors work this latest Metro project” in response to the LACMTA board approving a $1.6 billion dollar contract to extend the Purple Line.  There have been reports in the Los Angeles Wave that black contractors are not receiving the opportunity to work on any of the three projects MetroContinue reading “LACMTA responds to minority hiring mandate issue”