Can the Streetsblog network be trusted

I’m not sure if the good folks over at the Streetsblog SF read their own blog.  San Francisco residents are up in arms over SFMTA privatizing on-street parking for private car share companies.  Streetsblog SF says “…it’s not exactly privatization…” to remove lucrative parking meters for car share companies.  Five years ago the same blog called privatization aContinue reading “Can the Streetsblog network be trusted”

If you can’t beat them, join them

Ford Motors is interested in working with the likes of Uber and Lyft.  Ford Motors, along with other American made auto manufacturers, totally missed the mark on hybrids, EV’s and even carsharing, and are now looking to work with smartphone app based companies, presumably to sell more cars.

San Francisco creates on-street parking for carshare operators, residents cry foul

San Francisco is well known for its parking constraints.  The city is home to nearly 10 carshare companies:  DriveNow, RelayRides, Getaround, Zipcar and City Car Share and growing.  As SFMTA seeks to create 900 on-street parking spaces for carsharing, many residents are crying foul at the prospect of those who place their cars in P2P networks,Continue reading “San Francisco creates on-street parking for carshare operators, residents cry foul”

Uber agrees to stop price gouging customers

December 2013 was a bad month for New Yorkers.  A helluva winter storm hit the city and so did Uber.  Cars were stuck in the snow, residents couldn’t get to work then Uber came to the rescue.  To the tune of $175 per trip.  They called it surge pricing due to the increased demand forContinue reading “Uber agrees to stop price gouging customers”