Why CA Lawmakers should have mandated criminal checks on .@Uber and @Lyft drivers

Atlanta-based newspaper,the  Atlanta-Journal Constitution, is reporting an Uber driver pulled a gun on a parking valet and threatened him.  Problems continue to plague the Uber company from rogue marketing tactics and another Uber driver, who has a felony conviction on his record, was charged with battery for hitting a passenger.  

Emails may show conflict of interest over #MadeInAmericaFest

Oh Mayor Eric Garshady…we mean Garcetti…you can’t seem to escape scrutiny over your decision to hold the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Grand Park this coming Labor Day Weekend.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino is a connected Democratic donor and his city lobbyist Joshua Perttula, was on Garcetti’s transitionContinue reading “Emails may show conflict of interest over #MadeInAmericaFest”

.@Uber @Lyft @Sidecar are jeopardizing your safety thanks to Ca Lawmakers

Carshare operators are requried to perform DMV driving checks on ALL prospective members, prior to being sold a commercial auto policy, to run their business. Carshare operators are not mandated to have drivers submit to Department of Justice background checks since the insurance excludes them from running a service of picking people up in theirContinue reading “.@Uber @Lyft @Sidecar are jeopardizing your safety thanks to Ca Lawmakers”

The Tech Future of #LosAngeles with .@DNASturges

Dan Sturges is a transportation visionary, designer, teacher and entrepreneur.  If you are in the transportation industry, chances are you are familiar with him.  If not, let me put you up on game.

Transportation Sustainability Research Center releases 2014 Carsharing Outlook

The Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC), under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaheen, have released their car-sharing outlook for 2014.  Despite the entrance of peer-to-peer application based rideshare companies, the outlook for carsharing remains steady.  Angelenos are still patiently waiting for LADOT to select another carshare provider since Hertz bailed on their awarded contract.