Detroit DOT sat on federal funding to assist low-income residents

James Robinson made national news for his walking nearly 40 miles to work every day in the gritty city of Detroit.  Strangers setup a fundraising account that amassed nearly $200,000 for him to buy a car.  Robinson said he doesn’t make enough to afford a car.  Being a seasoned alternative transportation professional, I am awareContinue reading “Detroit DOT sat on federal funding to assist low-income residents”

Outfront Media receives contract extension from Metro

At today’s Metro board meeting, Outfront Media received a one-year contract extension, to provide services to the regional authority.  One of their bright ideas was to sell naming rights to the various stations and lines.  It would have been nice to put out to bid, through a RFP, than extend, as originally introduced. Read moreContinue reading “Outfront Media receives contract extension from Metro”

.@Metrolink ridership has dropped significantly

Metrolink is reporting ridership is down.  In spite of moving Metrolink headquarters into the Downtown Los Angeles offices of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) it hasn’t translated into increasing ridership.  For either agency. A sure sign ridership is down on public transportation is when the rates increase.  LACMTA announced rates are increasingContinue reading “.@Metrolink ridership has dropped significantly”