The Tech Future of #LosAngeles with .@DNASturges

dansturges_1371683191_01Dan Sturges is a transportation visionary, designer, teacher and entrepreneur.  If you are in the transportation industry, chances are you are familiar with him.  If not, let me put you up on game.Dan began working at GEM and was part of the team that created NEV, the first Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.  He is also responsible for the revamping of V-Ride, formerly known as VPSI.  He has coined the phrase “first and last mile” for SCAG, in an aim to provide a solution to the obstacle of taking public transportation and needing assistance to get to the last part of your trip.  He is also associated with Project 100 out in Las Vegas, NV.

He has presented his ideas to both SCAG and SBCCOG, at their recent General Assemblies, addressing innovative ways to address transportation in the Los Angeles region.  He is now leading a SXSW panel and looking for your vote to make the transportation future of Los Angeles brighter.

I have personally met and discussed transportation issues, facing Angelenos, with Dan and find him to be pleasant, immensely knowledgeable and ahead of the curve.  He receives a ton of research money by serving on the US Transportation Research Board committee for New Public Transportation Systems and Technology.  Click the link below and consider supporting this project.

Please vote for our @sxsw panel – The Tech Future of LA @FlintDille @pietromarx @DNAsturges & ? Vote now:  THX


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