Unlike .@Uber @ToroRide can pick you up from LAX Airport

tororidelogoSpice Girl Mel B. has ventured into the app based transportation business, cofounding ToroRide, a black car service to rival Uber, perhaps.  Los Angeles is the only market they are in at the moment and appears to be a service for the elite, while Uber is available nationwide.

Based in Burbank, CA, the company gets the added benefit of having a celebrity co-founder to help promote the service to celebrity clients and their marketing strategy consists of their brand manager hanging at awards shows and gifting suites.  Their fleet consists of Cadillac’s, Mercedes-Benz and a Rolls-Royce.  Clearly this service isn’t for those living south of the 10 freeway.

The company claims they can undercut Uber’s pricing however, with an all foreign fleet, maintenance costs will surely cost more than the more economically friendly Uber fleet.

Investors have purchased 25 cars and hired 400 drivers and this company claims that unlike Uber and Lyft they are allowed to pick up customers from LAX airport.  Like the Uber fleet, their cars carry TCP credentials.

Actor Ari Baban, best known for his role on Jane By Design, is now starring in the lead role as ToroRides manager.

ToroRide has been in operation since May of this year and time will tell if it will catch on with regular users of such app based companies.  ToroRide is running a promotion where if you download their app you receive a $50 credit, only catch is you must live in Los Angeles to use it.  They are also hiring brand ambassadors to earn $5 per referral.

The entertainment industry has rallied around ToroRide by assisting with promotion on KIIS-FM and former entertainment writer turned journalist at LA Weekly wrote about them first.

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