Police Commission OK’s 2nd Term for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

charlie beckIn spite of #LAPDgate which forced LAPD’s top cop to admit he lied, the LAPD commission voted to give Chief Charlie Beck a 2nd term.  The lone no vote came from Robert Saltzman, a USC law professor, who most likely understands the level of  liability the chief has on the City of Los Angeles taxpayers.  All of mayor Eric Garcetti’s appointees voted yes.  No surprise there.

There were signs that the commission didn’t care that the LAPD Chief didn’t hold himself to the same standards he expects the rank and file to follow in the department, they also betrayed the communities belief that the LAPD is here to protect and serve Angelenos, not themselves.

In a series of tweets from KPCC correspondent Frank Stoltze it also would appear that the organization is bought and paid for as well.  See for yourself.

photo 3(2)photo 2(3)photo 1photo 3photo 2photo 2(4)photo 3(3)Related article:  Police Commission OKs Second Term For LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

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