Uber agrees to stop price gouging customers

uber nycDecember 2013 was a bad month for New Yorkers.  A helluva winter storm hit the city and so did Uber.  Cars were stuck in the snow, residents couldn’t get to work then Uber came to the rescue.  To the tune of $175 per trip.  They called it surge pricing due to the increased demand for rides.  Customers cried foul and the Attorney General stepped in.

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It was recently announced that Uber agreed they would no longer price gauge their customers,  in New York,  during special occasions, holidays and during the winter.  The surcharge can now be no more than 4x the cost of the trip, whereas before it was nearly 60x.  Uber also agreed to donate 20% of the surcharges collected to Red Cross.  Surely Red Cross will tell the public how much they receive.

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Uber has multiple lawsuits pending against them along with cease and desist letters issued as far as London.  Instead of slowing down and working with cities, they have raised $1 billion to continue expansion.  The company is valued at $17 billion.




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