Teamsters union lending support to Uber LA drivers

imageKPCC is reporting the Teamsters Local 986, a powerful transportation trucking labor union, has pledged support to assist organizing Uber LA drivers at a mass demonstration outside of Uber’s Santa Monica office Tuesday.

Uber is catching hell, nationwide, from the taxi industry and are facing stiffer regulations than they could have imagined.  Several cities have issued cease and desist orders to not only Uber, but Lyft and Sidecar as well.

Complaints range from the customers rating service, issues with the year of the drivers car, decrease in pay and most importantly meeting insurance requirements.

Sunil Paul, founder of defunct Sprideshare turned Sidecar, was instrumental in amending insurance legislation in California that allows personal drivers to place the car in a peer-to-peer service, like Getaround and RelayRides, and rent their car out while they aren’t using it.

The company formerly known as Zimride hit the market as a rideshare app that matched passengers with empty seats, going in the same direction.  Zimride would then be sold to Enterprise, but not before converting Zimride drivers into their new business called Lyft.

Uber drivers are independent contractors so it remains to be seen why the teamsters are getting involved unless they are planning on converting them to dues paying members.  Teamsters are an international union and Uber has drivers nationwide.

Over 500 LA Uber drivers are expected at tomorrow’s demonstration.   Uber was recety valued at $18.2 billion.

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