Daimler’s Car2go shuts down in London as they expand into Los Angeles

car2goDaimler’s Car2go rent by the minute service recently launched in the South Bay and rates are astronomical at $14/hour.  You can use the car to drive wherever you want but you are only allowed to return the car in what they call the “home” area. 


map of Car2go's home area
map of Car2go’s home area

South Bay Cities Councils of Governments (SBCCOG) worked hard to prevent those who can’t afford the hefty rate from being able to take advantage of a carshare program whose aim is supposed to help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

However, it appears this service is only available to those living in the cities of El Segundo, Hermosa Beach and Torrance since those are the only pickup/drop off locations in the network.  City of Gardena approved the program but no Car2go allowed.  Instead of looking to expand into other South Bay cities, Hollywood and Long Beach are higher priority.

SBCCOG represents sixteen (16) cities that make up the South Bay area yet only three cities are participating even with Climate Action Plans suggesting it?  SBCCOG is funded by taxpayers in the sixteen South Bay cities.

A recent study conducted by the Seattle Department of Transportation showed that with the introduction of Car2go ridership decreased on public transportation as a direct result.  Is SBCCOG distancing themselves from Metro by introducing an alternative to transit and rail?  Metro has still yet to come up with a solution to riders “last mile” dilemma.


Daimler was forced to shut down Car2go operations in London in May due to individuals not giving up their personal cars to use their service.

Although Car2go will sell you on they only charge by the minute the hourly rate reaches $14 while a full days rental is $85! Yikes.  With these prices, Car2go is clearly not interested in reducing traffic congestion, but becoming the elites second car.  Will Car2go catch on and will it solve Los Angeles’ traffic issues?  Survey says…NO!


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