LACMTA attempts compromise wtih Los Angeles World Airports

lax lineResidents in Los Angeles are fuming over the failure of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) to build a rail line that reaches LAX Airport (LAWA).  Construction has begun for the new Crenshaw/LAX line that doesn’t quite reach LAX.  As LACMTA continues to look for solutions, and citing the high cost of tunneling to bring rail directly into the airport, they instead are looking at a “people mover” that will be built by LAWA.

With 57% of airport drop off being done by car and only 1-2% being made by transit/rail, there is much opportunity to create a seamless solution.

lax map

Our guess is that a train going directly into LAWA cuts the airports out of lucrative advertising and fares that can be collected from those choosing to ride the people mover after departing the Crenshaw/LAX line.

In our opinion, Portland has the best rail to airport connection where one can board in downtown and catch a monorail directly to the terminal they are flying out of.  Will that ever happen in Los Angeles, the worlds busiest airport?

Do you prefer a direct connection to the terminal or another transfer off rail to another rail option?

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